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Ebtedayi - Dakhil - EBT result 2016 | | Madrasha Board

Ebtedayi Result 2016 Bangladesh:
(EBT) Ebtedayi result 2016 Bangladesh will be published on December 29, 2016. In fact, PSC and Madrasa (Ebtedayi) result 2016 will be published the same day. In 2016, Directorate of Primary Education (DPE) will announce the EBT results 2016 BD. And the EBT result 2016 will be available on our website. Also, you can check Ebtedayi result 2016 on the official website of DPE. On 29th December after 2:00 PM, DPE will publish the EBT exam result 2016 Bangladesh.

How to Get Ebtedayi (EBT) Result 2016
You can find EBT result 2016 BD online. In our website, we have EBT result search option. In addition, you can find the EBT result 2016 BD on the official website of DPE. And the name of the website is Also, you can receive EBT result 2016 by mobile SMS. I am going to discuss these methods in details.
To get EBT result 2016 online, check the EBT result search option on our website or go to the official website of DPE. And follow these instructions:
1. Select the exam name as “Madrasa (Ebtedayi) Education” from the drop-down menu.
2. Choose the EBT participant’s District name from the drop down menu. For example, Dhaka, Comilla, Chittagong etc.
3. Select the Thana name under the District from the menu. Before choosing the Thana name, you must select the District. Because the Thana name will show up only when you choose the District name.
4. Choose the exam passing year as 2016 and type the roll number. And then press submit.
After completing all these info correctly you will see the Ebtedayi result 2016 BD.
Another way to find the EBT result 2016 by sending a mobile SMS. The process is easy. You have to send a message and in reply SMS you will get the EBT result 2016. In fact, finding EBT result requires you to have PC along with internet connection. But if you don’t have any computer and internet then SMS system is the best option.
To receive EBT exam result 2016 BD, go to your mobile message option and type the followings:
EBT <space> Your Thana Code <space> Roll Number <space> Passing Year
For example, EBT 30703 254619 2016

check Result 2016 online- dperesult teletalk gov bd

Hello Dears, Welcome to getting the JSC Result 2016 Bangladesh Education Board. Dear Madrasah Board Dakhil Examinee 2016, Greetings from us. We are here to describing for you to provide you details about the all requirements of Madrasah Board Dakhil Result 2016. The collection process of these Results and also the publish date with other info will carry with this page. After complete the Junior Dakhil Education, the madrasah Students attend on the class 9-10. Then, they attend on the Dakhil Exam. We are still waiting for these students who are really attended on the Dakhil Exam 2016. Why so late? Just read the below data to understand yourself.

Madrasah Education Board 2016 dakhil

When will the Dakhil Result 2016 Madrasah Education Board Publish?
The Dakhil Result 2016 Madrasah Education Board will publish on the 2nd week of May 2016 with the SSC result 2016. The All result date will announce by the Ministry of education, Bangladesh. We will inform you when the Dakhil Result 2016 Madrasah Education Board will announce. But, the education system in Bangladesh conform that, all public exam result will publish within the 90 days of Exam Start or after the 60 days of completed the exam.  So stay with us on here to check your Dakhil result 2016 fast.

How to Check the Dakhil Result 2016 Madrasah Education Board online?
A large number of Examinee, Guardians and the others people check the Dakhil Result 2016 Madrasah Education Board from online. The Process of result collection is too easy and very simple. To check your Dakhil Result 2016 Madrasah Education Board from the Madrasah Education Board official Website, Just visit to the and follow the instruction. After visiting the link, click on the Result tab. Then select Dakhil result. Then Enter the require items like Roll number and click on the submit button. With this method, you can check any Result of Madrasah Education Board.
The Head of the Institute are also eligible to check their whole institute result by following this process. But here need to Replace the Institute based Result of Individual result. Then Enter the EIIN Number of your institute and get your Whole institute Result.

How to Check the Dakhil Result 2016 Madrasah Education Board by Mobile SMS?
The people who want to check the Dakhil Exam result 2016 of Bangladesh Madrasah Education board via the Mobile SMS, they must read this content. Just follow the process and try to check yourself. Before sending the Message for How to Check the Dakhil Result 2016 Madrasah Education, Recharge your Mobile Account because will be charged for the Successful sending message. Then open the message option and follow this: Dakhil<space>MAD<space>565656<space>2016. Here, the MAD is the 1st Three Letters of Madrasah Education board, 565656 is your Dakhil roll Number and 2016 is the passing year. You will receive a confirm message with you result.
Do you have anything else? We hope that you have successfully understood about the Dakhil Result 2016 Madrasah Education Board. Thank you for your experience with us.